How to make a website

How to make a Website in 3 Easy Steps:


Choosing the right platform..

Well before you can make your your website, you need to firstly choose a suitable CMS. This is short for “Content Management System” – basically it enables you manage your content and is the foundation of your website! This can also apply to a Blog. Choosing the right platform is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when starting your first website. I STRONGLY recommend using WordPress, not only is it really easy to use (even I can operate it) but it has so much functionality including all the “plugins” you get to use to expand your site. We’ll talk more about this in a later stage..

Another great advantage with WordPress is that it requires NO coding experience which

means you don’t need any knowledge of HTML / CSS.

Here’s a quick overview of the advantages of using WordPress…

  • It’s FREE – yes that’s right! Some CMS’s cost money yet WordPress is free. Some of the plugins that require upgrades do cost money but the platform itself is free.
  • The Plugins – The amount of available plugins available is quite incredible and this means that you have access to a huge amount of enhancements from newsletter functionality to SEO.
  • It’s POWERFUL – It might surprise you but many leading companies use WordPress as there CMS choice.


So you’ve chosen your CMS now (WordPress hopefully). Now it’s time to choose a web hosting package. You can of course host your site on However from my experience it’s very slow and this can have a big impact on your rankings. For the sake of $3 per month you can get a very good performing hosting company and this also includes a free domain name. It’s a small cost for having a lot of extra functionality and peace of mind knowing that your site is performing as well as it can.

If you do end up choosing WordPress to host your site you’ll be given a free domain name too but it will look like this…

So for a bit extra you can have a super fast web host and a domain name like this…

Not only does it look really professional but you’ll also benefit from a super fast server.

So what are the costs involved?

It’s actually quite cheap! I pay $3/month for a package with BlueHost. You can pay more with other companies such as WPengine but from my experience it’s really not worth it.

Before we move onto the next section here are some questions that you may have…

What if I already have a domain name?

You can simply input your domain name in the URL box. It’s part of the registration process and gives you the option to use your own domain name. They will also transfer your existing site too.

What if I’m not happy with the web host?

No problem! If you decide it’s not right for you then you can just cancel within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

How do I decide on a domain name?

Choosing a domain name isn’t easy and I’ve spent weeks trying to decide on a name before. My advice is to:

  • Choose a .com domain name. This gives you a great brand advantage and is the standard for any site.
  • Think of something short and catchy WITHOUT any hyphens or numbers. Basically it has to be easy to remember.

Examples of a bad domain name:

Can you see why it looks SOO bad?

This would be a better option..

Which one is easier to remember? The second one of course! This is an important step than many people forget about and can be a make or break decision for your business and brand. People will love to talk about your product or service so it’s better than its easy to remember and catchy!

Step 3.

OK so you’ve done all the boring stuff! Now to proceed to developing your site.

Installing WordPress is easy and it’s made even easier with the help of one-click installation which is within the cPanel of your web hosting account. You can do it manually but it just takes a bit longer.

Follow these steps to get WordPress installed:

  • Login to cPanel (you’ll have these details in your welcome email)
  • Once logged into cPanel head to the section that says “1 click installs”. Find the WordPress icon and click “install”
  • Select the domain name that you want WordPress installed on
  • Click “install” – yes that’s it folks!

Now the fun part!

So you have a great domain name and now you’ve installed WordPress – now it’s time to choose a theme and get creating your website (which will look awesome!). When you install WordPress you’ll already have a standard theme (not so good if I may say so!) like the one below:



As you can see it’s a pretty simple design but soo many people use this “standard” theme so it’s time to change this and get something that’s different and unique!

Time to find a new theme..

Follow these simple steps to find a new theme 🙂

  1. Login to WordPress using the details that were emailed to you. The URL will be


2. Type in your username and password. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see the following dashboard:


Ok now that you’ve logged into WordPress now head over to the “Appearance” on the left hand side of the dashboard and then click “Themes” and “Add New“.

You’ll then be presented with all the FREE themes that are available.