The Best WordPress Plugins for 301 Redirects

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The Best WordPress Plugins for 301 Redirects

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins for 301 redirects? If so, read on. 301 Redirects change URLs automatically when they are clicked on or typed in and are normally used for the purposes of SEO. They can also be used to control 404 errors, which can result when an URL that used to be available no longer has any content on it. The old content may have been deleted or sent to a new URL. Should your website be posting 404 errors for all old URLs, then you should look at the existing permalink structure. You may have reset the entire structure, but you can use any of the plugins explored in this article if errors are occurring on a few URLs.

Redirects tell your browser that a page you intended to visit has been moved so you be sent to an alternative page. 301s are amongst the most common type of redirect. If you are planning to remove a page or post but wish to create a similar one, redirects can help. If you need to change the permalink of a post of page, you will also need to create a redirect. Your users will see a 404 not found error if they attempt to access a page you have removed, which looks unprofessional and can harm your search engine rankings.

Let’s take a look at some of the best plugin for 301 redirects on WordPress sites or blogs right now.

  1. Redirection

You can use the .htaccess file if you want redirection to occur without a plugin, though you will need coding and Apache knowledge for this. If you’d rather use a plugin, Redirection could be ideal for your needs. You don’t need any special technical knowledge to use this plugin, and what’s more that is compatible with all reputable themes and plugins.

The plugin will keep a log of 404 errors and can redirect 404 pages on automation and do the same for existing URLs. Rankings are kept intact, and you can implement 302 and 307 redirections manually. The plug in is available in various different languages and there is a dedicated forum that you can head to if you do face any difficulties.

  1. 404 to 301

The 404 to 301 plugin is available for free, and its codebase is located on Github, where it continues to be developed openly. It can help you boost your SEO rankings and enable you to avoid penalisation resulting from 404 errors. If you don’t currently have an efficient 301 redirect, 404 to 301 could be the ideal solution. The plug-in works alongside an addon that can keep track of everything that occurs after the setup process, and you can generate regular alerts to your email. You can also export PDF files of logs and fix various other issues. The product is regularly complimented for its lightweight nature.

  1. Affiliate Links Lite

Affiliate Links Lite could be perfect for your needs if your website is being used for the purposes of affiliate marketing. You can redirect 301, 302 and 307 errors without writing code, and useful stats can be generated as your use of the plugin continues. You can also set nofollow and noindex tags and use link categories for more efficient management. Link cloaking facilities are also available and long affiliate links can be hidden. The plugin is free and fully compatible with the latest WordPress script version.

  1. WP Cloaker

WP Cloaker is designed to make your links more user-friendly rather than boring and looks after 301 redirects automatically. The plugin is of particular benefit to affiliate marketing sites and offers a range of useful features. WP Cloaker is free and can categorise themes, shorten URLs, redirect JavaScript and put manual 302, 303 and 307. It also boasts a built-in widget that shows off the top ten links in footer or sidebar areas. Informative reports can be generated with just one click and results can be filtered to give you access to the results that you require.

  1. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect


This plugin not only handles existing 404 pages and redirects them to custom pages and home pages but logs duplicate posts and pages and handles redirections accordingly. It can delete duplicate content and supports custom post types.

You can use global settings or treat specific posts in certain ways. You can change redirection rules for certain posts and use a built-in search tool. The plug in works with other plugins as well as most themes.


  1. Blogger 301 Redirect

This plugin is also free and can handle comment feeds, archive pages, post feeds and redirections for 404 pages. It keeps details of all redirections it is responsible for and you can set redirections for custom URLs rather than just homepages if you wish. The installation and setup instructions will help you make the most of the plugin, and you can visit the support forum if you do find yourself stuck and require more help.

  1. Simple 301 Redirects – Addon – Bulk Uploader


This plugin is free and has a special feature that lets you upload all 301 directs through a CSV file. All URLs featured in the file can be adjusted automatically. The plugin can be very useful when you have migrated a site to WordPress and your URL structure cannot be preserved. Once you have set up 301 redirects from old pages to new ones, all incoming links will be passed on immediately, and pagerank will also be passed on. Simple 301 Redirects is one of the most popular plugins of its type and more and more people are recommending it to others all the time.

You shouldn’t find it tough to obtain useful tips and tricks online for any of the plugins listed here if you need them. There are many different plugins for 301 redirects on the market, and whilst many share various characteristics and features, a large number of the plugins available to you offer various special features.

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